YOU HAVE A JOURNEY – That brought you here today to read these words.  Your love of art, culture, nature and beauty might be guiding you . These are also things that are important in my life and here is the short story of how I got here today… As a child I was always drawing, painting or making something. I was 6 years old when I received my first oil paint set. In college my focus was botanical illustration. In my twenties I was a clothing and textile designer.  In my thirties I was hit by a car while waiting to cross a street. Everything in my entire life came to a sudden stop.  I lost my “normal life” while I immersed myself in physical therapy to heal my badly damaged body.  After 10 years of disability I was fortunate to discover a wonderful spiritual practice that helped me fully recover and return to perfect health. When I could finally walk easily again I went outdoors into nature, the place I missed so much for all those years.  I hiked out into wild, natural places to experience the  beauty. An artist friend suggested we go out to paint en plein air. This was the beginning of my new life as a landscape painter.

I HOPE TO INSPIRE YOU – I believe that a painting can offer you joy and delight your senses. I believe that a painting can transport you to another place and time.  Paintings of wild places capture the beauty and soul of nature.  I believe a painting you love will enhance your life now and for years to come.

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FOR YOU –  You deserve  beauty and peace in your life. Let me help you create islands of grace in your life where uplifting visions support you in your own journey. Click here for the beauty of  Sky, Water and Land.

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