At the End of the Day

The peak experience of the day was a fisherman coming over asking to see my paintings. I was packing up and tired at this point – oh no I said (they were packed in the dryers) Marcus said “ Mary!” So I reached for the cases and started showing them to him. What treasure he was ! He told me he worked in pastels, watercolors and charcoal and knew he wanted to do oils. He was a beautiful, huge guy with dark leathery skin and a gold front tooth. Told me the town I lived in was called “North Burlap” by the locals.

On the Water in May

It was 70 at my house this AM and when I arrived in the marshes it was in the low 60’s with a stiff wind. High clouds thinned the sun so no warmth there. The wind increased so much I had to park the car nose into the wind and paint behind it. It even sprinkled a bit before the sun decided to come out till sunset. Ogunquit at the footbridge was good for a 5×7 and 8×10. Then I headed over to Drakes Island and Wells Harbor. Marcus was with me today; he brought his portable office with him and worked the whole time.