York Harbor Maine

Before the weather warms up only a few lobster boats are moored in York Harbor. The harbor fills up with pleasure boats as soon as the warm sunny days are here to stay.

Ogunquit Marginal Way

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The cliff walk along the rocky coast in Ogunquit, Maine is a favorite of thousands of visitors.  One can walk along the cliffs above the crashing surf and view the perfect Maine coastline.

A Man, His Dog and His Boat

Dog in a Dinghy 6×8 watercolor

This man and his dog live in his boat moored for the winter in Sarasota, Florida. Its not unusual to see sailors from our northern climate sail south to spend the winter in a nice warm port.

Island Weather

Island Weather 6×8 watercolor
The weather on the coast of Maine is different depending where you are.  It can be sunny up on the mainland at the top of the peninsula and showering over an island down in one of the bays.  

Martins Point

Island Showers 6×8 watercolor
Martins Point is further up the peninsula on your way to Friendship, Maine.  Its  down a small side road and its worth the trip. The views are incredible!

Friendship Fish Shacks

Friendship Fish Shacks, 6×8 watercolor
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I paint in Friendship, Maine in the off season, when there are no summer people around. I’m noticed by the locals as I’m the only person on the docks. Everybody else is going out on their boats.

Boat in the Channel: Cape Porpoise

In the Channel, 6×8 watercolor

The channel in the harbor at Cape Porpoise is so narrow the lobster boats have to moor in a line. Its only deep enough in one area to moor a boat at low tide. 

Rocky Island ~ Cape Porpoise

Rocky Island, 6×8 watercolor

The harbor at Cape Porpoise is edged with all these islands of various sizes. This little one is right across from the docks. 

Cape Porpoise Lobster Shacks

Lobster Shacks, 6×8 Watercolor

This little row of lobster shacks sits on the west side of the harbor in Cape Porpoise. They are sort of rickety and faded. Very charming buildings sitting high on stilts at low tide. 

Maine: Sturdy Workers

Two Tugs 4×6 oil on canvas panel

Huge ships are guided up the river in Portsmouth Harbor to the numerous docks to unload their important cargo. These sturdy work horses do the job.