Painting Big Surf & Wild Waves

Fresh off the easel. My newest “Big Surf” 5×7, acrylic $300 unframed. Available for a short time only. Purchase here. Photo: Mary Byrom


It was a great week in the studio! I’m in the thick of finishing paintings for my new artist-in-residence exhibit at the Beachmere Inn in their new freshly painted cafe. And of course, for my lovely collectors and galleries! Lots of new paintings are being released from the studio.
This week I’m working in the in acrylics. I love how fast and fluid they are. Sometimes acrylics suit my mood and currently I want to paint fast. All that great energy goes right into the painting.  Of course it has to do with being out in a nor’easter last week. There is nothing like the power of the sea in a storm!
I’m really loving the big surf and waves. That nor’easter we had last week has embedded  waves and surf into my mind.  I see waves in my mind’s eye all the time!

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I love doing these demos and I think Marcus (my hubby) has found a niche that is a perfect fit for him ! As soon as we go live he thinks he has his own TV comedy show. Everyone was laughing . It was so much fun!

Big Surf II, 5×7″ acrylic $300, unframed. This painting is available for a short time only. If you would like to have this painting purchase here. Photo: Mary Byrom

MORE NEW PRINTS RELEASED THIS WEEK …(7 new ones) on my site on Fine Art America

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A select collection is available now and more are posted on a daily basis. I will be releasing small studies and reproductions of some of my larger paintings.


Rocks & Foamy Surf

 The Maine coast is a few miles from my house.  I  recently realized how much time I’ve spent near the ocean… walking on the beach, along the rocks or up the York River walk. Often, I would go for a walk every day after work.  Before dinner was the time for my husband and I to get out of the office or studio for some fresh air and exercise.  
During those walks I looked at the land, sea and sky. Not with focused concentration but enough observation to notice changes in mood and light every day… and the colors of things… 
Sea Foam, Pen & watercolor. 6×8  on 80 lb. sketch paper.
When I started to sketch waves in en plein air I realized how much I was really observing those days I was walking.  I know much more about a wave and what it does than I thought I knew. When I set up in a spot to paint them, they were familiar!
Marginal Way Rocks, Oil on panel 5×7
 And when there is big surf I know just how connected it is to the recent weather that just blew through or is off shore… 
Looking Toward Ogunquit, Oil on panel 8×10

Big Wave, Ogunquit

This is the time of the year is when we often get a good amount of storms.  I am delighted by them, place myself on the edge of the granite bluffs and get to work sketching and painting!  I’m in my element.  Would you believe long before I painted in plein air I would choose storms as the perfect time to go for a walk?  Once when my sister and I were walking in a blizzard on York Beach (in runs in the family) a car slowed down to stare at us in disbelief… we were covered head to toe in white flakes !  It was great to go  home to hot tea!    

And who helps me with my storm/surf watch?  Why its those guys in those dry suits….
who are out there just like I am….BIG WAVE WATCHERS…