New Design Class & Live Demos!

Samples of some of the design stems we will be discussing and applying in the new design class. Pencil & ink, ink & watercolor, acrylic, oil demos and plein air sketchbook samples. Photo: Mary Byrom


You might have noticed, I haven’t been posting my regular weekly news. It’s because of all of the snow! When we get hit with a big nor’easter I easily lose a half day or more just to shovel us out. We’ve had two big storms in the past 5 days. It takes two of us to move all this white stuff out of the way.  Marcus runs around with the snow blower, moving the bulk of it . I use the old fashioned shovel. It doesn’t bother me, I get a nice dose of fresh air!  Today it was gorgeous outdoors after the heavy snow we got last night.  Never mind a transformer blowing up in the middle of the night and knocking out all our power to add to the excitement !   Hey, it’s February in Maine, this is the norm!


CABIN FEVER!!!!  If you have cabin fever this is perfect for you !  I have one spot in my new class that starts next week on Tuesday February 21st.  It’s a 6 week class. We meet at my studio in North Berwick. Time: 10 -1. Fee $220
If you have experience with oil, acrylic, watercolor or gouache you are welcome to join us. If you want to join us please contact me here.


I am shooting some spontaneous live demos on Instagram and Faceook.  And I will continue with more live demos on Facebook and Instagram! Stay tuned ! Follow me on my  Facebook and Instagram accounts so you can watch the demo. When I go live FB and Instagram will send you a notice.

I will be hosting a series of live demos and artist talks on Instagram  and Facebook. If you would like to see these please follow me on Instagram or Facebook to view them.
When I start to schedule them I will post times on Instagram and on my Facebook business page. (Mary Byrom Fine Art).
I will be posting dates and times on Instagram and on my page on Face Book. Please see them by following (liking!) my Face Book page for the schedule. 

I love doing these demos and the feedback we get live from the viewers is great!  Marcus is great a filmmaker and host . He has found a niche that is a perfect fit for him !

MORE NEW PRINTS RELEASED THIS WEEK …(7 new ones) on my site on Fine Art America

If you wish to purchase note cards and prints of my paintings, they are being posted on my page “Mary Byrom Fine Art America”. You can follow my page on Fine Art America for notification as I release new paintings into print editions.
A select collection is available now and more are posted on a daily basis. I will be releasing small studies and reproductions of some of my larger paintings.


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