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2.4.21 ~ Edge of Winter

2.4.21 ~ Edge of Winter 5×7 oil. Available.

It was 37 degrees. It felt like spring. I almost didn’t put my parka on. Then a breeze started to blow from the north. I was on Harris Island in York, Maine this afternoon. Fresh snow was everywhere. There was lots of parking as they plow out the town docks and the boat yard. Big reminder to self: come here when they haven’t plowed the other “places with a view”. We’ve had monster high tides in the past two days. Storms out to sea cause this. The snow was left on the marsh only where it was high enough to escape the flooding tides. At low tide I painted the snowy marsh edge and pools of water that stayed behind . This is painting #1. Then I painted two and three in rapid succession. It was that kind of day. Gorgeous.

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