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Day 2 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

January 2, 2020 Snow after Sunset, oil, 2×5, $75. January special. Available.
January 2, 2020 Snow Glow, oil, 5×7, $175. January special. Available.

30 in 30 DAY # 2 was great!

Today was a lucky day. I was planning to go paint at the historical society where there are big open fields and hopefully no big snow piles to block the view. Before heading out to paint I needed to stop by the church to check out the room specs for my class there next week. When I walked back to my car after the meeting I noticed the light on then snow and the barn next door was gorgeous. I decided to stop right there and paint from the parking lot. As I was taking my easel out of the car I noticed the back lit pine tree on the edge of the driveway. With about 20 minutes left before the sun set behind the trees I painted the pine and snow shadows.

As I finished the first painting, the light was getting even better. It was after sunset, the sky was a bright golden color and the snow was lavender blue reflecting the sky above. I painted the elementary school with the lights on in some of the classrooms. It was a very fast painting. I didn’t put on my head lamp. I just guessed at the colors. I used a slick substrate and one soft dagger brush to paint it . I think I’m going to try some more paintings on slick surfaces with soft dagger brushes.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

  1. Wow! Lucky you, to have two great views to paint. Excellent work, as always, Mary! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you!

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