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31 in 31 Pop up Show

A lovely winter afternoon in January 2020.

Here’s the inside scoop : I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed painting in the 31 in 31 competition in January. It was a real push to do it. I had to fit it into my regular daily work schedule no matter how I felt, whether I was having a smooth day or a day running around putting out small fires. My days felt like they were full of fire scuffling and still I had to go out and paint something! What started to become perfectly clear to me was I couldn’t get anything done if I stopped myself mid stream in my day and jumped out to paint a picture. It was too much of a mental shift. So I kept pushing the painting time back to the end of the day. It was the best thing that I could have done. I could finish my other work and then turn my full attention to painting. How wonderful! I would find myself outside in the late afternoon, at dusk or after dark really enjoying the quiet of the evening. It made me appreciate winter. I stayed close to home. I painted things I never paint. I changed my technique. I adapted to the cold temperatures and the weather. It was an adventure. I want to do it again.

Now you can come and enjoy the little jewels that are the results of this series. I thought about Monet and his paintings of haystacks and waterlilies. I had my paintings of my little neighborhood and its different moods .

Come join us in celebration of a month of small, intimate moments of winter on Sunday, March 15, 1-4pm in my studio, 102 Wells Street, North Berwick, ME 03906. Paintings in this 31 in 31 Series are available for purchase.

1 thought on “31 in 31 Pop up Show

  1. I would love to be able to come and see these paintings, Mary,
    but I am hosting a Salon Sunday that day in New York. I wish
    you could come to my studio, too.
    Just have to work on this cloning business…

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