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A Hint of Color

On this trip I sketched and painted my way across Massachusetts, part of New York state right along the Mass. border and up into Vermont from Williamstown. If I had more time I would have continued north on Route 100 inVermont . I used to live in that area, it is gorgeous.

This farm in western Mass was perched on the the top of a ridge that over looked a valley filled with old farms. Its pasture was filled with ledges of granite poking through.

On the way north into Vermont from Williamstown you instantly know when you are in Vermont. The place has a different feel. I pulled off on a dirt road that ran into fields near the race track and the view of the surrounding mountains was beautiful ,quiet and peaceful.

The valley opens up to long views of the mountain range that runs north to south to the west. There were spots of early trees turning yellow and orange.

The field grasses were all that golden color and you could feel fall in the air.

The road would rise and twist as it made its way through the valley.
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