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Art Adventure ~ The Traveling Sketchbook

Art Adventure ~ The Traveling Sketchbook

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Opening Reception | Thursday, May 31st from 5 to 7 PM  |  Sentry Hill  |  York Harbor, Maine

This show presents a sample of the sketchbook pages from a six week art adventure exploring the world around us in our sketchbooks.

A group of curious, interested, intrepid individuals ventured out into the landscape in late winter to sketch the moods, the land, the architecture and the people they saw.  With sketchbooks, pencils, ink pens, watercolor, colored pencils and gouache they created individual, personal, interesting and charming renditions of the towns, villages and communities we call home.

Coach and Guide  |  Mary Byrom

“The Adventurous Sketchers”

Ruth Ann Fatscher  |  Marcus Gale  |  Judy Guadet  |  Christine Haddad  | Celeste Kelly  |  Zenaida Maicas  |  Sandra Nelson  |  Maryse Newton  |  Annie Noonan  |  Gail Santos  |  Virginia Scudiere  |  Amelia Small  |  Krista Sullivan  |  Susan Wierzba


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