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Day 17 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day 17 ~ 1.17.20. Snow Shadows, oil, 5×7″ $175. January only. Available.

Today was a really cold day. Did it even up to 15 degrees ? I was working in the studio all day. After lunch I felt like taking a nap. Instead I went outside and restocked the bird feeders. They had emptied one in just about 5 hours. When it’s cold they need to eat lots of food to stay warm. I was immediately revived by the cold, fresh air. I felt great. Being outdoors is the best!

That said, I was back working away in the studio when I realized the day was slipping away from me. I looked out the window, saw the late afternoon sun shining on the neighbors house and promptly painted it before the shadows moved too much. I didn’t even get a chance to go outside. The light was moving so fast. I just grabbed one of my easels that was already set up with paint and kept painting until I was done! I like painting these quick impressions. I can get them done easily and capture that thing that first caught my eye.

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Day 16 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day 16 ~ 1.16.20 Looking West, oil, 5×7, $175. January only. Available.

It snowed heavily this morning. Big, fat, fluffy flakes came down steadily. It was wet, heavy spring snow, coating the trees, cars and ground. The roads melted to blacktop. I thought I was surely going to be painting a white on white scene today.

Then chores and tasks took more time that planned. The sun made an a appearance very late, just before sunset. I was in the middle of doing something in my studio when out of the corner of my eye I saw the sky begin to flame in gorgeous colors. I picked up my brush, grabbed a panel and set up immediately. The light, clouds and colors changed every 2 minutes. I would look at the sky, paint, look again and it would be totally different. Zap it was gone ! It all happened so fast I had to paint it from my studio looking out the window at the sky. There was no time to go outside and set up my easel. It was grab the scene or miss it. So I grabbed it.

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Day 15 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day 15 ~ 1.15.2020, End of the Day, oil, 2×7,$95. January only. Available.

Today was lovely. A quiet, warm, sunny day before another snow storm tonight. No wind. This view is of the neighborhood from the field behind my studio. It was a race to get the slice of light before it all moved on to the east and disappeared. Skies with clouds are one of my favorite subjects. Because a fast storm is moving in overnight I had all kinds of cloud shapes to work with. The big challenge was to grab them before they disappeared. I really like the mood of these evening paintings. There’s no hustle bustle. It’s all about lingering light and coming home at the end of the day.

Tomorrow we are promised a snow storm dropping an inch and hour in the morning. It will clear out by midday and then the sun will show up. And the temperatures will drop. So I will have fresh sunlit snow to paint tomorrow! We shall see how accurate they are with this prediction.

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Day 14 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day 14 ~ 1.14.20 Just Got Home, oil, 3×6, $100. January only. Available.

It was quiet and warm this evening with temps just above freezing. No wind and the air had that dampness before a storm. Snow and other messy stuff is promised tonight. Out back in the field behind my studio the view of the neighborhood is private and unusual. I am looking at the back of the houses on the other streets that border the field. I have lots of choices of landscapes back here. And they change so much as the lighting conditions change. As it gets darker I can see the house and street lights go on as people come home from work. And as more lights come on I can see farther into other bits of neighborhoods. The nicest thing about painting back here is nobody can see you. I’m standing in the dark with a headlamp on. And nobody is ordinarily looking in my direction. So it’s quiet , private and peaceful painting the houses and back yards.

This house and the street beyond it is probably nothing I would ever paint on a sunny day. But at night it is positively a dreamy scene with the soft, warm, lights on the snow.

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Day 13 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day 13 ~ 1.13.2020 Winter Afternoon, Gouache, 5×7, $175. January only. Available.

I decided to try something different today. I wanted to see if I could paint the view from the living room into the dining room. I wanted to do this while sitting comfortably on the couch , with a tiny pochade box on my knee. Ha ! A very funny experience. I painted with gouache as I couldn’t bring myself to use oils while sitting on the couch. (That would be a real mess if I dumped something on the rug.) Yes, I even had a cup of tea next to me. It was hilarious. The complete opposite of my outdoor painting excursions, wearing lots of clothes in subfreezing temps.

I was painting in a landscape all full of man made stuff and things. I was inside a man made thing painting all man made things except the geraniums on the bookcase in front of the window. I liked doing this and would really like to paint it in oil. I like interiors and I think about how Pete the Street (Peter Brown) paints his front hallway and his daughter’s bedroom. I think I will do some more interiors.

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Day 12 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day 12 ~ 1.12.2020 Snow Shadows, gouache, 5×7, $175. January only. Available.

Mixed it up today. I decided to paint with gouache instead of oil. Its a bit trickier than oils as it changes color when it dries. Plus it can do some things nice things that watercolor does even though it is an opaque media. I love the stuff! But there are no guarantees it going to look close to the color I intended when I put it down. So… My light is moving fast and I’m moving fast so its a tricky media in cold weather and damp conditions.

The temperatures were dropping steadily this afternoon when the sun came out. To work around the cold temps and long drying time I decided to paint an interior scene. Then I changed my mind when I saw the light streaming across snow on the back field. I set up my 6×8″ mini pochade box in the kitchen and painted the fleeting view out the window. It was great fun! I think I’ll do some more gouache paintings of landscapes from my car with the heat turned on to dry them fast. This might be the way to go with gouache until the temps rise above freezing again.

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Day 11 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day 11 ~ 1.11.2020 Supper Time, oil, 4×6, $125. January only. Available.

It was warm today. Really warm. I think it was the January thaw. It won’t last for long. But I pretended it was spring and set up my easel out in the field behind my studio in the late afternoon.

I noticed I’m not painting in the morning yet as I have a tendency to make myself finish all my chores before I reward myself with a painting session. I might just mix it up and do some early morning painting one of these days. The winter sun is great at any time of the day as it’s so low in the sky there are always great shadows.

With this daily project I’m picking a wide variety of subjects . I’m often choosing things that are deliberately difficult. Or that are vary basic and simple. I’m trying to make designs where there aren’t any. Marcus will walk up to the easel and look at the painting and say “There she is again painting something out of nothing”. This cluster of buildings at dusk are on the other side of the field on Portland St. Someone had the back door light on. It was time for the kids to come in from playing and have some supper. See you tomorrow…

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Day 10 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day 10 1.10.2020 Cloud Moon, oil, 5×5, $175. Special price January. Available.

It was warm out tonight. Warm. Amazing, my paint behaved normally. Now, I remember what it is like to put some paint on the panel and have it stay there. Plus it was buttery and smooth. No more concrete paint !

This may be the last night I can paint the full moon. The weather for the next few nights looks miserable. There was a beautiful sunset at the very last minute, then a big cloud bank moved in. I was hoping for thin gauzy clouds. Can’t place an order for the specific clouds you’d like! The moon appeared in a misty, cloudy haze then promptly disappeared. I moved my easel, set up in a new location and soon the clouds over head all lit up. Then the moon appeared, in and out dancing between the clouds. No wind, no cold, no precipitation. I was lucky. More to come tomorrow…

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Day 9 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

January 9, 2020 Blue Moon, oil, 5×5, $175 .Special January price. Available.

It was a chilly night. It was 16 and my paint was very stiff. It seemed to be rebelling. The moon rose in a clear blue sky. There was just a slight breeze that stopped completely after dark. It was another gorgeous evening with the calm, peace and the quiet of winter. l went out in my side yard next to my studio and set up my easel. looked around for the lights. I was so early no one was home yet ! Then it started to get darker, cars pulled into houses and lights were turned on. It started to feel cold. I was wearing lots of layers and my hot tea was brewing in the house so I didn’t mind too much. A back yard light went on a street over. Outdoor lights came on at the storage place the next block over. I could see bits and pieces of them through the trees. Another night of painting the almost full moon. We will see what tomorrow brings! See you then.

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Day 8 – 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day #8 1.8.2020 Late Afternoon, 5×7 oil $150 for January only. SOLD.

Today I made a good decision. I was going to go out and paint a nocturne after I finished working in the studio for the day. Around 3:30 I looked out the window and saw these great big clouds sailing across the sky. They were dark and back lit by the sun. I stopped what I was doing and immediately set up my easel. By the time I picked out a panel the sun had moved to another spot . I had the thought oh oh this looks like I might end up painting a sunset. I ended up painting the sunset ! Then I thought I’ll do another painting when it gets dark. Big surprise ! When I looked outside around 5:15 snow was pounding down hard. It was a snow squall ! I guess I did the right thing painting early today. Thank you to everyone who is following my progress on this project! I appreciate your emails & comments.

All the paintings made during this project are selling for special prices only the month of January.