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Day 14 ~ Snow Melt on the Field

Day 14 Snow Melt on the Field 5×7 Watercolor & Gouache. Available.

Today was one of those days with a dentist appointment and a lot of things to be done. I had so little time to paint, let alone drive somewhere to paint. So I stayed home and painted the scene behind my house of the back field filled with golden grass, bits of melting snow, blackberry bushes, bittersweet, deciduous trees and some big pine trees along the edge. I grabbed my little 6×8″ pochade box, my watercolors and gouache and my favorite brush, my Rosemary sable blend dagger. It is a joy to paint with that brush. I think I need to do a few more watercolor/gouache paintings soon. This media is a blast to work with. I didn’t even care that it was a gray overcast day. The colors out there were so rich and beautiful.

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Day 12 ~ Sunset Clouds

Day 12 Sunset Clouds 6×8 oil. Available.

It was sunny and bright today with big rafts of clouds drifting by. I arrived around 3 PM to set up in the marsh. I was looking at a nice sunlit scene when a large deck of dark clouds sailed in. I had to change my focus. I turned and looked out to sea. The clouds were lighting up. I painted the clouds as they caught the pink and golden light from the sun above the salt hay and the pitch pines. The light show lasted for just a few minutes. The sun dropped below the horizon and the cold air crept in. I started to clean my brushes as dusk fell and once again as if on schedule a huge flock of Canadian geese flew over. There were easily over 200 of them in a big long line that kept changing form as they called out to each other in their flight south. Nature is so amazing.

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Day 10 ~ Winter Reflection

Day 10 ~ Winter Reflection 6×8 oil. Available.

It was gorgeous today! It was so warm, it was 40 degrees for at least half an hour. I went to paint in the marsh at Wells Harbor. I went out early at 2:30pm. It was lovely to see all the sunshine on the marsh grasses. The sky was a light blue with high cirrus clouds sweeping like brush strokes across the firmament. I set up next to the little lobster shack on the edge of the marsh. I painted the view of the sun reflecting off the salt pans and the marsh edge to the south. When I was packing up my gear the sky was full of rose, lavender and golden clouds. My favorite time of day ! This week promises to have more of these great sunny days. I can’t believe it’s January.

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Day 9 ~ Winter Evening

Winter Evening 5×7 oil. Available.

It was completely overcast when I set up my easel on the edge of the marsh. I found a nice tucked away spot out of the wind. I set up quickly and painted the marsh view with frozen salt pans, snow and ice rimmed channels. It was totally quiet. Darkness comes fast when it’s cloudy. The street lights and houses lit up over on Drakes Island as I put the last strokes on the painting. Three V’s of geese flew directly over head one after the other shortly after. I wonder if they are the same ones I see every day?

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Day 8 ~ Path to the Marsh

Day 8 Path to the Marsh oil 6×8. Available.

It was sunny and warm today. It was 38 degrees and felt comfortable in the shade. I went to the marsh at 3 PM. It was an early start for me. It was quiet, there was no wind. I looked through the trees to the marsh. The sunlight streamed across the landscape, but it was short lived. By the time I set up there were only bits of sunlight here and there. The days are getting longer but the sun is still low in the sky. I’m getting a groove now with the daily paintings. If I have enough time to get out there to paint I can usually see something that will work. And yes I was packing up my gear again as it got dark . A flock of geese went over head honking and calling out to each other as they headed south.

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Day 7 ~ Pine Dusk

Day 7 Pine Dusk 4×8 oil. Available.

It was a perfect January day. Temps were in the high 30’s. I headed over to Wells Harbor at 3:30pm. There were long shadows on the marsh. Drifts of clouds stretched across the southern and western skies. There was the beginning of a beautiful sunset. Everything was golden and pink. It was spectacular and was changing non stop. I grabbed the colors as the gold, pink and violet colors blossomed across the clouds. Once again I cleaned up my gear as darkness fell and the breeze turned chilly. It is so beautiful here in winter. I am so lucky to live so close to this amazing place.

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Day 6 ~ Sunset

Day 6 Sunset 4×6 oil. Available.

Today was the kind of day where there just wasn’t time to fit everything in. I didn’t have time to go out into the marsh at days end as I was getting ready to teach my online class. The best hours of daylight were arriving and I needed to be in my studio. Lucky for me the clouds were the perfect kind for a colorful sunset. I painted my daily painting from my studio window as I watched the sunset colors dance in front of me. A tiny panel and thick paint was the only way to go. The colors were gorgeous and fleeting. It was my kind of scene. And I had 5 minutes to paint it !

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Day 5 ~ Marsh Snow

Day 5 Marsh Snow Oil 6×8. Available.

It was a joy to be outdoors painting this afternoon. I started painting at 4:00 PM, seventeen minutes before sunset. It was cloudy. Every so often the clouds overhead would thin so I could see warm golden light against blue sky. Down here on the ground it was snowing. Fine flakes were blowing in on a north wind. I set up my small easel inside the back of my station wagon to keep the snow out of my paints. I painted fast while there was enough light to still see the colors. It was in the low 30’s, my paint behaved nicely.

It’s great going out to paint everyday. It’s a nice change of scenery even if the weather doesn’t look perfect. Big fat flakes started to fall rapidly as I packed up my gear. Honking loudly, the geese flew over my head coming in for a landing through a white curtain of falling snow.

Note: The paintings from this January series are available at a special price until February 14th. I will be posting prices on them soon.

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Day 4 ~ Winter Sunset

Day 4 Winter Sunset Oil 6×8. Available.

I set up my easel at 3:45 with half an hour till sunset. The sun was just dropping behind the treeline. The breeze was cold. I moved fast. The light was lingering. It was perfect. It was gorgeous. There are so many paintings in this marsh just waiting for me to paint them. I finished putting in the last strokes as it was getting dark enough that I needed to set up my easel light. I cleaned up and packed my paints as the geese headed over in the last light. There were five V’s of them, there must have been over a couple hundred birds making a racket announcing their arrival. Every night they pass over at the same time. After they disappear to the south it’s all quiet again. The twinkling lights come on once again all across the edge of the marsh.

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Day 3 ~ Expecting Snow

Day 3 Expecting Snow. Oil 6×8. Available.

It was overcast today. A typical January day with temps in the 30’s. I went out late to the marsh. As I started to lay in the painting the clouds began to glow pink, lavender, gold and blue. It was quarter of 4. Sunset at 4:17 today. The sky was doing its sunset dance behind a deck of clouds. Three flocks of geese came into land before it got dark, honking and calling to each other to hurry. I had to set up my light to finish putting the colors on the panel. When it’s cloudy the light doesn’t linger. It was so gorgeous out there. As I packed the car the first snow flakes began to fall. The lights twinkled in the houses across the water. Night was here.