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Big Sky Summer Paintings ~ Maine & New Hampshire

Summer Day

There is something dreamy about a summer sky. When I was little I used to lie down on open lawns and in country meadows to watch the sky. I was happy lying in the grass with the smell of wild flowers and songs of crickets all around me. The clouds would billow and break as they drifted above me. Summer was a long, lazy vacation of wandering and exploring nature. Do you see why I love painting skies?

I’m thinking these days about how I paint and what I paint.  I’m thinking about painting in a “flow state”. Its like diving into a river. More on this in my next post.

Summer Day”  14×18. oil. Available. $2,000. Information here

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Canterbury Shaker Village, New Hampshire

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I like to wander around the grounds of the Canterbury Shaker Village in the off season. Its quiet, the buildings are very interesting to look at and I rarely see another living soul.  

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Canterbury Shaker Village

Up in New Hampshire not far from my house is a very nice old Shaker Village.

Its up on top of a hill and has this big empty sky feeling.  The buildings are well worn and practical. 
On the north edge of the village the fields open up, the wind blows and the weather moves in fast.
Here’s a watercolor I did of the small building that stuck out all by itself. 
8×16 on Rives BFK.