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Boat in the Channel: Cape Porpoise

In the Channel, 6×8 watercolor

The channel in the harbor at Cape Porpoise is so narrow the lobster boats have to moor in a line. Its only deep enough in one area to moor a boat at low tide. 
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Moored: Cape Porpoise Harbor

Boats and Traps, 6×8, watercolor

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In Cape Porpoise harbor there are all these floating docks with lobster traps stacked on them. Some of the docks  have little houses on them.

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Rocky Island ~ Cape Porpoise

Rocky Island, 6×8 watercolor

The harbor at Cape Porpoise is edged with all these islands of various sizes. This little one is right across from the docks. 

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Cape Porpoise Lobster Shacks

Lobster Shacks, 6×8 Watercolor

This little row of lobster shacks sits on the west side of the harbor in Cape Porpoise. They are sort of rickety and faded. Very charming buildings sitting high on stilts at low tide. 
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Lobster Boat & Lobster Shacks

Lobster Boat & Fish Shacks, 6×8, watercolor

All along the narrow inlet there are fish shacks in Cape Porpoise, Maine. Some of them look like they have been there for a very long time.
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All Tied Up in Cape Porpoise

Dinghys, 6×8 Watercolor 

When everyone is back in after a day of fishing the docks are crowded with all their little row boats. 
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Lobster Traps Loaded

Traps Loaded, 6×8 watercolor

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This boat was all loaded up by sunset, ready for an early morning trip to lay the traps in Cape Porpoise, Maine. 

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Maine : Lobster Boats Waiting

 Cape Porpoise Lobster Boat 6×8 watercolor 98 lb aquarelle

There is a narrow deep channel in the harbor at Cape Porpoise. All the boats line up in channel. Sunset is a beautiful time there.
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Lobster Boat And Fish Shacks

 I’m looking through all my sketch books and using them as the starting point for paintings…  trying out some new approaches to handling oil paint.  I’m in this place where I like sketches more than “finished” paintings… will this lead to “looser” paintings ? Which of course require more thought…We will see where this goes…

Looking west across the cove in Cape Porpoise you can see a street with these old fish shacks. I parked my car on the edge of the clam flats, sat down on the rocks, opened my sketch book and did a bunch of quick sketches. 
6×8  Cool Gray marker & watercolor on Aquarelle 90 lb 
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Lobster Boat in Cape Porpoise, ME

I have sketch books I travel around with.  When I’m setting up to paint  I first  do a bunch of sketches.  This helps me make a decision on what subject & design to paint. I parked my car in a tiny pull-off on the way to the harbor where the clam diggers and kayakers park. 

The view across from me to the west was the deep water channel where the lobster boats are moored. Its a great place to see sunsets on the water. This sketch was late in the day. 6×8  Gray marker &  watercolor on Fabriano aquarelle.