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Fishing in Kennebunkport

I‘ve been out straight a bit lately so haven’t had a chance to post what I’ve been  up to. So I’ll try to catch you up .  

I headed over to the Kennebunkport docks – its now become one of my favorite places to paint because its small, quiet and I can get really close to my subjects.

Everybody over there is really nice and the lobstermen are mellow and ok with me painting there. 
They come by to talk to me and check out my paintings.

I was doing a quick sketch of a lobster boat as the weather was iffy and it was beginning to rain. The dock was pretty quiet as the lobstermen had all come in for the day. 

Suddenly this huge fishing boat pulled in right next to me and started unloading fish.

These guys showed up in the parking lot to meet the boat. Two guys on the boat started loading fish into crates that went into a refrigerator truck next to me. 

They didn’t stop moving for half an hour , just packing fish into crates. The unloaded 4,000 lbs. of fish,  huge fish of all types.   

These lovely smiling people are Knute and Lindsey the couple who own the boat. Knute is the champion fisherman- he leaves port at 4 AM and fishes 35 miles out !

They came by to talk to me as they saw me painting and taking pictures in the midst of the unloading frenzy.  Lindsey is a painter too! Marcus & I really enjoyed talking to them.  I meet such nice people when I’m out painting.

Here’s the sketch managed to do.  Next I’m going to paint the fishermen unloading the fish! 
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Harpswell Boatyard

Harpswell, Maine is down east of Brunswick on the end of one of the southern most long fingers of land that compose midcoast Maine. Its gorgeous and I always feel like I am coming home.  I traveled to South Harpswell as a child for our summer vacation. 

The boat yard is full of big guys being fixed or waiting for attention before the summer season. I love how big and tough they are when you are up close and personal.  No romantic little specks bobbing in a blue summer harbor. 

This is the view looking east at South Harpswell.

I was parked in between the water’s edge and some big boats. I sketched the white boat as it moved around the harbor. They always move, pick a spot and put them in it I always say…
Here’s the start of the sketch. If I like it tomorrow I’ll work on it more in the studio.  8×10 Oil on panel.   
Behind me was the Henry A., a boat I have fallen in love with.  Its so big and sturdy.  I think about this boat being the only thing between me and the sea when out fishing in rough weather.  

Here’s an earlier portrait I started of Henry A. when I first saw him in February. The snow was all melting around him as the pavement was warming up in the  sun.  I shortened him to fit him on the panel – think I’ll get a wider panel and paint him as big as he really is.   Its 24×36, oil on panel.