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Winter Gear

It was -6 at my house today.  That was warm compared to places in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and up north in Maine.  Winter is here! 
When I go out to paint in these really cold temps I’m prepared. The first layers are silk…
Then a cotton turtle neck goes on … 
…over that a stretch Polartec sweater…
…next a thin down vest, Polartec pants,  
…and a heavy wool sweater.
On top of the sweater goes a windproof Polartec vest.
If its below 20 and there’s no sun or a wind chill factor these wind proof Polartec pants go on next.
If is 10 or below a down parka goes on over the vest.
The last layer over everything is my thin windproof shirt. Its awesome, it seals in the heat. 
Of course the most important items are my boots. These are Sorrels and good for -100. 
My feet toast in these babies.  I’ve never felt the cold through them even when painting outdoors for 8 hours in – 6 temps.
I wear one pair of wool socks, a neck gator and a Polartec hat. 
If its sunny I wear a Polartec head band with a brimmed hat over it. If its way too cold I wear my wool hat under my Polartec hat ! 
These are my wool painting gloves.
These are my wool over painting gloves, which I only wear if necessary when scouting the location. I don’t wear these while painting.
These felted wool mittens are for warming my hands on the way home if needed.  
This is the gear I wear for winter plein air painting. For the trip home I pack a hot thermos of tea or coffee to drink in the car.  Its amazing how nicely it warms me up !