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You are What you Consume

Everything you hear or see goes into your mind.  It stays there even if you “forget” it. 

Watercolor Plein Air Sketchbook Acadia, ME

Its like sound waves in a wall. The sound from Beethoven’s music he played in a concert hall in 1800 are still in the walls. What does this say about what is in our minds?
Watercolor Plein Air Sketchbook Acadia, ME

One time when I was out painting with a group a fellow painter wanted me to paint standing behind him.  I told him I wasn’t  interested in painting that specific view. 
Watercolor Plein Air Sketchbook Acadia, ME

 He responded by saying that the intent of his suggestion was not for the landscape but to provide me the best view of his easel and what he was doing.

Watercolor Plein Air Sketchbook Friendship, ME

He thought hat I could learn a lot by watching him paint.  Now this is a very kind and generous thought. But…

Watercolor Plein Air Sketchbook Friendship, ME

 …what if I do not want to paint the way he does, or want my paintings to look like his… 

I was thinking about having all this extra unwanted stuff in my brain… 
 I’m having trouble enough trying to paint what I do want to paint … without adding all this other stuff to the mix. 

I also don’t watch TV…but this probably doesn’t surprise you.

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Early this summer I fell in love with waterfalls. 

 In late summer I fell in love with lakes…especially ones surrounded by mountains…

…with big pines and islands sprinkled across them.
Lake Wentworth is a gem.  It is in the “Lakes Region” of New Hampshire where the distant White Mountains are dusky blue in the distance. 
This week is our vacation week which means;  My husband Marcus and I don’t have to be anywhere at any specific time for six whole days ! We grabbed this big open window to wander and paint wherever the impulse took us.
On this perfect late summer day a fellow painter spotted us near a bridge between Rye Marsh and Lake Wentworth.  Frank paints watercolors and spends his summers at his house near by.  When he spied us working away he pulled over to check out our paintings and chat for a bit. 
I sketched a bunch of different views today. I loved the bright open water on the lake in front of us and the intimate scene on the marsh behind us.
Marcus set up and dove into his huge painting of the lake and wind whipped waves.  Marcus is on a “huge” painting trend this summer. They keep getting bigger and bigger.  Pretty soon they won’t fit into the car…we will need to get a trailer for them!
 We had a great view facing west across the water. I knew the light would change drastically as we moved toward sunset. To be ready for anything I set up two easels  and palletes waiting to go at a moments notice.
The bit of land we were parked on between the lake and the marsh was very narrow. I had to pay attention. If I stepped back from my easel too far I’d fall into the marsh! 
I looked in the direction of the sun and started a small study of the lake, islands and mountains back lit by brilliant sunlight. 
The smallest brush I am using today is a 10 bright. I’d use the edge and corner of the brush for small spots.
I keyed in my painting and only put the colors I was using on this limited palette. 
The sun dropped down in the west and the light started to reach the “luscious” level.  I finished the “sun on the water glow” and put the wet panel in the car. 
I moved to a new canvas and started painting the marsh behind me that was now face lit by the setting sun.
The wind was calming down, and the surface of the water became still. The colors of the trees and grass were warm and golden in the setting sun. 
 I didn’t have a lot of time left to paint this scene.
There was barely a cloud in the sky as the sun set over the distant mountains.  
Small breezes skipped randomly across the water.
Up close to me near the shore line it was very still and the water was a deep inky midnight blue.
I had the colors on my panel and most of the scene painted as the sun disappeared behind the mountains.
People drove past us on their way home from work.  A few lights came on in cottages across the lake. We cleaned up our paints, put the new paintings in the car and headed back through the woods toward home. 

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The Scent of Pines

Vicki & I headed up to Acadia National Park for a week of painting in late June before the tourists arrived. Eagle Lake was dreamy and moody when we pulled in to paint . Clouds were tearing across the mountains tops and it was misty with rain threatening. I loved the atmosphere and layers of subtle color.

The lake was still and the reflections were lovely.

There were bands of huge pines all along the eastern shore that were ragged and leaning from many years of strong wind.

As the clouds barreled across the mountain tops cracks would appear in the fog and you could see bright sunlight and bits of blue for a few seconds.

The next day we painted on the Schoodic peninsula which is the wilder, remote part of Acadia.

It was still overcast but brighter and no rain fell.

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Acadia National Park ~ Rain in Paradise

Acadia National Park was in fog and rain for days on end.

We set up to paint on the shore of Eagle Lake. Everyone was on vacation and the carriage paths were full of families biking in the rain. Who cares! The little kids loved riding through the big puddles getting soaked.

My rain set up on the beach of Eagle Lake.

Vicki painted from the carriage path parking lot at Eagle Lake.
I’d dash out in-between the raindrops to make sketches of Eagle Lake.

The tide was rising on Schoodic Point but the sun didn’t break through the bright fog.

I came home with 16 field sketches and Marcus looked at them and said, “Who wants a painting of fog and rain? “ Too funny!