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Cold or Cozy, Warming up with Gold

The first in my new gold marsh series. The gold is very subtle it peeks through and glows in bits here and there. It isn’t easy to see the gold reflections in a photograph.  Diptych Marsh Clouds 1, 2.5x 6 oil on gold. $175. Limited Edition Prints $35  Available. Photo: Mary Byrom

Winter arrived sometime in the past few weeks. Cold winter temperatures are here along with the pure clean arctic air that swoops down every now and then from the North Pole. I love the smell of this air. It’s so clean and fresh. The temperatures have dropped below zero and my office in this big old house with its drafty windows feels chilly.  Who cares how cold it is? My new studio is so toasty that it is a delight to spend any time in there! This week I’m doing inventory on paintings that are newly finished, waiting to be finished and on my to-do list. I’m finishing several paintings that have been waiting for my attention since they were started on location during the summer. I’m looking at my plein air studies for a new series that I’m starting and I just completed another haiku landscape series.

Marsh Clouds 2 2.5×3  oil on gold . $85  A storm clearing out over the marsh. Photo: Mary Byrom

The new Marsh series is a bit different for those of you familiar with my recent work. They are painted on gold. A number of years ago when I was primarily an abstract studio artist I painted on gold. I was organizing my studio this fall and saw a few canvases with gold on them. I love gold and the warmth it reflects. It glows in such a beautiful way. For these uncertain, tumultuous times I thought it was perfect to dish a big dose of warmth out into the world. So I picked up the phone, called my supplier and had some new gold leaf sent to me. My new haiku Marsh series is painted on gold. In the genre of religious paintings, gold symbolizes eternity. I’m getting flashes of 14th and 15th century religious paintings. If I can fit it in, I’m thinking a trip to Florence and Rome is in order to view some of those wonderful paintings. It might be just the perfect thing to see the timeless masterpieces that reside there.

MORE NEW PRINTS RELEASED THIS WEEK …(7 new ones) on my site on Fine Art America

“Ready to Go” is now available in a variety of sizes as a high quality giclee.

If you wish to purchase prints of my paintings, they are being posted on my page at Fine Art America. You can follow my page on Fine Art America for notification of the release of new paintings into print editions.
A select collection is available now and more will be posted soon on a regular basis. I will be releasing small studies and reproductions of some of my larger paintings.



Class meets WEEKLY on Tuesdays 10am  – 1pm.
The 2017 session will be focused on drawing perspectives, developing design, developing your color “voice” and painting large landscapes from plein air studies.
Register for 6 week STUDIO CLASS here.

If you are interested in joining the class that begins January 10, 2017 and have questions, please contact me here. 



I will be hosting a painting demo, artists talk and pop up sale in the quiet, beautiful time of the year – January !  (I’m watching the long range weather reports – which may or may not help on choosing the date…we shall see!)
I will have small paintings from my haiku series and selected plein air landscapes available for purchase at unbelievable price points! If you are looking for paintings of the seacoast region – you will find them here.
This will be a fun & wild pop up happening!
If you love tiny paintings, adventure, unusual locations and hot chocolate this event is for you.
If you would like to receive the date, location and time of this festive event please click here! 
This event is by invitation only. Get your invite here ! 



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Maine Paintings of Big Maine Weather

Storm ClearingThe weather in Maine can change in minutes. Things don’t linger here on the southern coast. Its one of the things I love about this region of Maine.  The coastline in my neighborhood is often hit hard by weather blowing in off the ocean. We don’t have islands off shore blocking the impact of the weather and protecting us from full impact.

I like weather. I like to experience stormy weather.  I like to paint the drama that unfolds before me. Some of my best paintings  happen when the wind and water are pounding. It isn’t easy to paint in these conditions.  If I have done my homework I can paint in almost any extreme conditions. Its that preparation that makes all the difference. Its all about being in a certain mental state and having all my tools and equipment close at hand.

“Storm Clearing”, 16×20. oil Available. $2500. Info Here.


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Sky Water Dance

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Rolling green meadows rise up to meet thick stands of dark pine trees at Parsons Beach. At high tide the sunlit western sky is reflected in the water.
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Salt Hay Sunset

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The Mousam River in Kennebunk, Maine flows through the marshes at Parsons Beach on its way to the sea.  High tide at sunset is a sight to behold. 
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Marsh Mood

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The marshes are one of my favorite places. Wild life is plentiful and in every season and type of weather the colors are rich and beautiful.
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Wind Over the Marsh

The clouds and birds were flying around the day I painted at Brave Boat Harbor. From where I stood I could see a bit of the ocean beyond the acres of marsh grasses.
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Marsh Gold

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After the sun sets the marsh glows in a golden light. At Parsons Beach the tide was high and the pines were reflected in the golden water. 

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White Pines

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White Pines grow in the forests on the edge of the marshes. Years of steady winds off the ocean make most of them lean in the same direction. 

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Marsh Reflections

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Miles of marshes stretch up the southern coast of Maine. All types of animals live here and thousands of birds use this region as a rest stop on their annual north and south migrations. 

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Ogunquit River

The Ogunquit River flows down out of the forest to the marshes behind the barrier dune on the ocean.  It  is part of the vast patchwork of marshes that fill the coast line along the southern coast of Maine. This region of Maine has sandy beaches, marshes and crashing surf.  Farther north at Cape Elizabeth, ME the rocky coast dominates and the peninsula and island region starts.