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Summer Sketching in Maine ~THE TRAVELING SKETCHBOOK


Now is your chance to get outside and have a really great time sketching and painting! Here is what is coming up.



This traveling sketchbook class is for everyone. With just a pen, pencil and a sketchbook you can begin this creative adventure. We start this class with an introduction to different types of sketchbooks and paper, pencils, pens and paints and how you can use them for different effects in your sketchbook.

We will start with an introduction to sketching and look at the foundations of good sketches, various techniques and applications you can use in your sketchbook. Beginner to experienced artists will love this process. Sketching develops your observing and drawing skills, increases your visual vocabulary, expands your creativity and is very relaxing. Individual expression, growth and creativity is encouraged. Every week we will meet at a different location. This class is perfect for absolute beginners to skilled artists who would like to try a new experience with a minimum of expense for supplies. Beginners are very welcome. Bring all of your supplies to the first class. We will be sketching outdoors after an introduction to materials.

Sketching Supplies – Materials list : The Bare Minimum Sketchbook Kit: A sketchbook, pencil & ink pen. The Expanded Sketchbook Kit: Colored pencils, markers, ink pens, water color pencils, crayons, watercolors, gouache, paint brush, water brush, paper towels, sponge, water, bull dog clips.
Expanded Sketchbook Kit can be viewed on my website at

Tuesday ~  1:00pm – 4pm
June – 5, 12,  26 ~ 3 sessions $79 – REGISTER HERE
July – 3, 10, 24, 31 ~ 4 sessions $105 – REGISTER HERE
August – 7, 14 ,21, 28 ~ 4 sessions $105 – REGISTER HERE.

Single class $35.



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Rules to Throw Away

I was having a conversation yesterday with another painter.  It was about break throughs…and the process freeing yourself from “rules” stuffed in your head. 

Water color Plein Air Sketchbook

If you’ve had a lot of art instruction you might know what I am talking about.  

Water color Plein Air Sketchbook

I had a painting instructor who gave the class an assignment for a studio painting developed from a plein air sketch.  I painted a barn with a flag blowing in the breeze. After seeing the painting he didn’t allow any buildings as subject matter for future class assignments. 
What ???

Water color Plein Air Sketchbook

I noticed the paintings he painted were dozens of pictures of a fruit, vegetable or flower housed in cozy, old wooden boxes. 
What’s a box? A cube. 
What’s a building? A cube. 

Water color Plein Air Sketchbook

What do I remember from this painting class ?  

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In the Barn

Marcus caught a few moments of me sketching on our trip to Pineland Farms.  It is tough sketching lambs & ewes… They move all the time ! Then again what else is new? Its what plein air painters deal with…

For more details of our adventure see : FRESH PAINT, FRESH AIR