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Winter Arrives with Snow !

Now that the snow is covering the ground I look at this picture and think – this is practically summer – even though it was October! Here I am painting in my last plein air competition of the summer/fall season in Essex, MA.  This is a note and reminder to myself for all plein air events I’m in next year. Relax and have fun! The secret to good paintings is to not to get too invested in the outcome, just immerse yourself in the scene and enjoy the process ! Photo : Marcus Gale

PRINTS AVAILABLE … I will soon be releasing some of my paintings as prints ….

I am often contacted by fans and collectors who can not afford the original work so I am releasing a new collection to be reproduced into prints at an affordable price point.

I will post newly released paintings weekly in my blog and here in my newsletter.

If you wish to purchase prints of my paintings they are being posted on my page at Fine Art America. You can follow my page for notification of the release of new paintings into print.

A select collection is available now and more will be posted soon on a regular basis. I will be releasing small studies and reproductions of some of my larger paintings.

Fresh Snow, 5×7 Acrylic  Photo: Mary Byrom

After teaching class yesterday I promised myself I would get out to paint the new fresh snow. I packed up my car to head down to the river across from my house. Then my car wouldn’t start! Big surprise!  It was getting dark and I didn’t have time to futz around so I decided no problem, just paint what I see around my house. The snow and trees in the field out back were perfect. I just moved them a bit to make the design look better !

After Sunset, 5×7 Acrylic Photo: Mary Byrom

This second painting I painted quickly after the sun fell into the clouds near the horizon. The view is across the fields toward the center of the village. I had a tiny slice of the view through my neighbors back yards. I painted fast as it got dark. I finished as it was getting dark. I was a happy camper!


Class meets WEEKLY on Tuesdays 10am  – 1pm.
The 2017 session will be focused on drawing perspectives, developing design, finding your color “voice” and painting large landscapes from plein air studies.
Register for 6 week STUDIO CLASS here.

  1. If you are interested in joining the class at the beginning of the next new session in January 2017 and have questions, please contact me here. 



I will have small paintings from my haiku series and selected plein air landscapes available for purchase at unbelievable price points! If you are looking for paintings of the seacoast region for  that special someone you will find them here.
This will be a fun & wild pop up studio happening!
If you love tiny paintings, adventure, unusual locations and hot chocolate this event is for you.
If you would like to receive the date, location and time of this festive event please click here!
This event is by invitation only. Get your invite here ! 



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Maine: Salt Ice Low Tide Kittery

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At low tide the plates of ice on the edge of the river break up and lie scattered on top of the mud. When the tide rises the water travels back up the creeks and the ice floats in like pieces of a puzzle. 

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Maine: Milton Mills

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When we  were out scouting for painting locations with open water one afternoon we drove into the sleepy little town of Milton Mills. It is on the border of Maine and New Hampshire.  A small rushing river and a mill pond are what is left of industry there. The river is the border between the two states.

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Great Bay Thaw

Icebergs on Great Bay, 6×8 Watercolor

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You know spring is just around the corner when the ice breaks up on Great Bay. All these little icebergs bob around then float out to sea on the tide.

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Watching Ice Melt…

A really great thing happens when you are out doors painting…stuff just happens and you roll with it. 
Hey, we know the rules of the game: its gets hot, its gets cold, it gets dark, the wind stops blowing, the wind starts blowing, the tide comes in, the tide goes out, it starts snowing, raining, sleeting or…it gets sunny!  
A guy comes home from fishing and rows away in your “model dory”, a really big boat docks, blocking the view of your subject…or a guy drives up in a pickup truck, gets out a chain saw and cuts down the tree you are painting!  Really – it happens. 
My 5 star event was getting caught in a cattle drive in Targhee Canyon … 

This day was peachy…the stars were aligned.  
For more adventures see FRESH PAINT FRESH AIR