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Sketching & Painting the Landscape

How it all began….in 2004 a good friend suggested we go outdoors and paint the landscape. She had read a book a water colorist had published of plein air landscape paintings and it looked like fun. We were both experienced artists in a variety of mediums so it looked really interesting and easy. We researched materials and tools, (there were not many to choose from) picked what looked good and set out.
This was the beginning of a wild, fun, amazing journey that is still continuing.

First of all it really helped that we didn’t know anything about plein air painting. We couldn’t find anyone we knew who did and could give us advice… that was 2004.

Now its the summer of 2019 and my students have asked me to write down everything I’ve learned along the way. I’m starting with the tools and materials . The funny thing is I know I’ve painted and sketched a lot but I don’t really have any markers along the trail that show me how far I’ve come or what I’ve learned until I show it to someone else. Then I see where I’ve traveled and what I’ve learned.

Last week one of my students said, “What you just said sounded to me like a different language, I don’t even know the meaning of what you said”. Another one said “Can you write this down?” You say so much that is important and I can’t remember all of it.”

So I’m doing just that. I’m writing it all down. Its more than I thought, so it may take a little bit of time to get it organized and into a simple, legible format. I’m starting the organization of the information this week and when it’s all done I’ll put it into a nice package so you all can read it.

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Wave: On the Rocks. New Haiku series. 2.5×7″ $175 Available.

Happy Spring! Beauty makes us feel better. The last skies of winter and the first skies of spring have been putting on a spectacular show! Now the snow is gone here in southern Maine, I hope you are enjoying the first blush of spring with all its blossoms and bird song.


Night: Moonlight on the Water. 4×6″ $240 New Haiku series. Available. Unframed.

Collector alert ! A new Haiku collection. If you are looking for a special gift …give me a shout! The new Night, Wave, Marsh and Cloud collections will be available in my studio only until May 24th.  
Night: Moonlight on the Water
Available. Unframed


Spruce Creek from New Castle. Oil on paper. Available.


NEW!  PLEIN AIR CLASSES  Plein Air Classes start next week !  MAY 7th. Tuesdays 10am – 1pm. Pack up your gear  and come out  with us. Beginner to advanced students welcome.


JUNE 29th, JULY 27th, AUGUST 17th Saturdays 10am – 5pm. Pack up your gear  and come out with us. These special one day intensives are offered for experienced beginner to advanced students.


The Traveling Sketchbook. Enjoy sketching en plein air at a new location every week.

Sketching is totally fun. Every Monday in June, July & August meet me in a new beautiful location to try out your skills drawing & painting the world around us. Registration & details.


Rain Showers Over Perkins Point. Oil on board. 6×12″ $700. Available.

Friends, fans, collectors, painters & sketchers – would you like to watch a painting appear in front of your eyes? You are invited to join me on June 20th 4-7 pm at a private seaside location in Kittery, ME to watch the birth of a plein air landscape! Hosted by the Kittery Art Association.  Detailed invite coming soon!

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New Beginnings and a New Year !

Happy New Year Everyone!
Wishing you health, happiness & peace in the New Year.

A summer day in the lakes region of New Hampshire. Cloud patterns on the mountains! 

I don’t know if your past year has been like this but it feels like time is racing by and I’ve been playing catch up for the last 3 months !  I am finally almost up to date with all the important things on my calendar. It’s been a whirlwind year with little time off.  Whenever I did have a few open days it was to regroup or catch up or prepare for the next event on my schedule.
The good news? Its been fun, rewarding and so enriching. And I’m being recruited to teach painting in lovely places like Italy.  Would you like to come with me to Italy to paint near the birth place of Raphael? Or maybe take a mini vacation to sketch and paint for a long weekend in Quebec City?  These are a few possibilities of sketching & painting adventures for 2020.

Spring 2018 Sketchbook class on a bright sunny day. You all are the best! 

Plus, due to popular demand, I will be releasing one of my first online classes, “Color” in 2019. The filming and  production of this is one of the extra things I’ve been trying to fit into my already active schedule. Also, I will be publishing my first book & color mixing guide in 2019 !  I promise , I will try to post more regularly to my blog to keep you updated on everything.
My blog might show up from time to time as a vlog as I am able to post my painting & plein air videos quickly and easily.  It’s been harder to find the time to sit down and write.
I hope all of you are catching your breath after your adventures of 2018 and looking forward to a enriching new year.
I want to thank all of you for your friendship, support and positive messages in 2018.  I’m wishing you all the best for 2019 !


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Would You Like Peace of Mind?


Would you like Peace of Mind?

Who wouldn’t want to feel like they have a handle on their life?
There are ways to cultivate peace of mind.
Drive the speed limit.
It’s not about getting there fast.
Its about being where ever you are.


Try drawing & painting, its much slower than taking a photo with your phone! It’s certainly a lot more fun!

Peace of mind is a way of life. Here are a few things that make a big difference.

  • Stay present.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Be creative.
  • Be thankful for what you have.
  • Be a beginner.

Learn How to Sketch

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New Classes !

New Painting & Sketching Classes!

As late summer arrives it is the perfect time to get out to sketch & paint ! The weather is warm, the colors are gorgeous and the light is perfect!
Now is the time for spending some quality time in nature!

Plein Air Class & Traveling Sketchbook



Materials List here.
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Good News ! The Wild Sea Collection !

Good News…
My “Wild Sea” Haikus !

The new Haiku Wild Sea Collection ” Waves” is now available for you to take home.
If you see a painting that you wish to purchase just click on the title listed below.

“Wave”  The Wild Sea Collection

There are 8 paintings in this series. They are being released 3 at a time. If there is a painting that speaks to you, seize the day!

View Collection here.
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Paint in Maine – Go Outside with an Insider

Now is the time to paint outside. My classes are filling fast…don’t miss out!




You know how summer is FAST & FLEETING in Maine.


Do I need to remind you that this is SUMMER and it’s MAINE  and we need to cherish this PRECIOUS TIME?  We all know why we live in this BEAUTIFUL PLACE  !


Join our small, warm group for FUN, CREATIVITY & TRULY GREAT TIMES !

Tell Me More !

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Plein Air: How to Capture Mood

I’m teaching a plein air sketchbook class where we travel everywhere and ask the same questions and deal with all the same situations as if we were painting. One of the advantages of sketching is we have a lot of time to think and ask questions about what we are seeing. In our sketchbooks we can formulate our thoughts and develop ideas about our experience of the landscape. Here we are on a late winter day in York Harbor Maine.

For The best methods and tips to create beautiful paintings…Click here!

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How We Started Painting in Plein Air

I started painting in plein air in 2004 . I recently went out and painted with my friend Sue Jaworski Stranc who was the person that got us to go outside in the beginning. She had this book by a watercolor artist and she said “Look at these paintings, they are a beautiful! This person is painting them outside, let’s go outside and paint! ”

Sure , we thought,no sweat we will go out there and easily paint some really nice paintings! Here’s the real story!

For the best tips and shortcuts to make successful paintings… Click here!

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Winter Plein Air a Taste of the Wild – Sugar on Snow

Plein air painters take a break from painting to sample some fresh maple sugar on snow! The best things that plein air painters run into is often unexpected ! Enjoying late winter in the Maine woods with sugar on snow.

For all kinds of tips and methods for painting beautiful paintings… Click here!