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Daily Painting #1 ~ The Days of Summer

Snowy White Egrets. oil. Available.

Its mid August in Maine. The weather is perfect . The days are gorgeous. The Snowy White Egrets are gathering. A nice groups of 20 or slightly more were all feeding in the salt pans in the marsh at Wells Harbor the other day. I was more than happy to see them!

I’m painting every day now out doors. I will post and share what I saw and my impression of it. I’m focusing on fast studies that capture the essence of what I’m experiencing.

This may not be a 30 in 30 painting schedule. It may be shorter or longer. Or I might skip a day here and there. But most of the time I’ll be out there painting. And smiling the whole time!

Egrets in the Marsh. oil. Available.

2 thoughts on “Daily Painting #1 ~ The Days of Summer

  1. Beautiful paintings Mary! I love your colors and loose brushwork!

    1. Thank you !

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