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Daily Painting #2 – The Days of Summer

After Sunset.oil. Available.

This is a wonderful time to be painting. I was at North Beach in Ogunquit on the marsh. I painted the sun as it was setting. Then I painted the clouds as they fanned across the western sky. Finally I turned and painted the bit of the river and the warm sky after sunset. When I’m painting like this I’m just moving really fast. I might start with a sketch when I arrive on location. But once I get going I just keep painting the changing light and colors non stop. I finish panel after panel until I run out of mixing space on my palette. I never run out of brushes.

Sunset. oil. Available.

I stayed in one spot while painting all these pictures. I didn’t move my easel. I just turned and looked in a different direction for a different view.

Sunset Clouds. oil. Available.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these studies please email me for size and details.

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