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Daily Painting #3 ~ Summer Days

Late Afternoon. oil. Available.

Perfect weather. I went to the back side of the dune at North Beach in Ogunquit. I looked across the river at the Footbridge parking lot and decided I needed to be there looking north up the river into the marshes. So I headed over there to set up.

Looking North, oil.

It was after 5pm when I set up my easel. The light was moving fast. Lots of choices. I just started to paint fast.

Just After Sunset.oil.

The colors changed by the minute. I’d be looking at my painting as I applied paint, then look back at the view and it was completely different.

Peach Dusk Reflections. oil.

Some colors lasted for only 3 to 5 minutes.

Sliver of a Moon. oil.

I was going to pack it up and stop for the day when I noticed the sliver of moon in the sky in the west. The houses on the edge of the marsh were all being lit so I put on my headlamp and started another painting.

Moody Beach Lights. oil.

Dusk was now long gone and the evening darkness was setting in. It was really getting dark when I started this painting. The tiny lights sparkled and glowed from the cottages across the river at Moody Beach. I could sort of see the values of my colors on the palette, but the temperature and hue were being altered by my headlamp so I just went for value and hoped for the best. Painting in the dark is amazing! It was a blast being out there!

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