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Day 1 ~ January 1st. Painting in the Marsh

Day 1 January 1st. Oil. 6×8″ SOLD.

Today was the first day of the Strada Easel challenge. I’m submitting a daily painting to the challenge for the month of January.

I went to Wells Harbor this afternoon. It was chilly and cloudy in the high 30’s with a breeze off the water. There were duck hunters out there making a racket every so often as they shot at ducks. Its usually very quiet out here, just the wind and a few birds. Today all the birds were very quiet . Maybe the large hawk I scared out of the bushes spooked them. Or it might have been the gunfire.

It was gorgeous out there. I painted the view of the edge of the marsh with the trails of snow left from the last storm. Another storm comes tonight.

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