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Day 11 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day 11 ~ 1.11.2020 Supper Time, oil, 4×6, $125. January only. Available.

It was warm today. Really warm. I think it was the January thaw. It won’t last for long. But I pretended it was spring and set up my easel out in the field behind my studio in the late afternoon.

I noticed I’m not painting in the morning yet as I have a tendency to make myself finish all my chores before I reward myself with a painting session. I might just mix it up and do some early morning painting one of these days. The winter sun is great at any time of the day as it’s so low in the sky there are always great shadows.

With this daily project I’m picking a wide variety of subjects . I’m often choosing things that are deliberately difficult. Or that are vary basic and simple. I’m trying to make designs where there aren’t any. Marcus will walk up to the easel and look at the painting and say “There she is again painting something out of nothing”. This cluster of buildings at dusk are on the other side of the field on Portland St. Someone had the back door light on. It was time for the kids to come in from playing and have some supper. See you tomorrow…

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