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Day 12 ~ Sunset Clouds

Day 12 Sunset Clouds 6×8 oil. Available.

It was sunny and bright today with big rafts of clouds drifting by. I arrived around 3 PM to set up in the marsh. I was looking at a nice sunlit scene when a large deck of dark clouds sailed in. I had to change my focus. I turned and looked out to sea. The clouds were lighting up. I painted the clouds as they caught the pink and golden light from the sun above the salt hay and the pitch pines. The light show lasted for just a few minutes. The sun dropped below the horizon and the cold air crept in. I started to clean my brushes as dusk fell and once again as if on schedule a huge flock of Canadian geese flew over. There were easily over 200 of them in a big long line that kept changing form as they called out to each other in their flight south. Nature is so amazing.

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