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Day 14 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day 14 ~ 1.14.20 Just Got Home, oil, 3×6, $100. January only. Available.

It was quiet and warm this evening with temps just above freezing. No wind and the air had that dampness before a storm. Snow and other messy stuff is promised tonight. Out back in the field behind my studio the view of the neighborhood is private and unusual. I am looking at the back of the houses on the other streets that border the field. I have lots of choices of landscapes back here. And they change so much as the lighting conditions change. As it gets darker I can see the house and street lights go on as people come home from work. And as more lights come on I can see farther into other bits of neighborhoods. The nicest thing about painting back here is nobody can see you. I’m standing in the dark with a headlamp on. And nobody is ordinarily looking in my direction. So it’s quiet , private and peaceful painting the houses and back yards.

This house and the street beyond it is probably nothing I would ever paint on a sunny day. But at night it is positively a dreamy scene with the soft, warm, lights on the snow.

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