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Day 14 ~ Snow Melt on the Field

Day 14 Snow Melt on the Field 5×7 Watercolor & Gouache. Available.

Today was one of those days with a dentist appointment and a lot of things to be done. I had so little time to paint, let alone drive somewhere to paint. So I stayed home and painted the scene behind my house of the back field filled with golden grass, bits of melting snow, blackberry bushes, bittersweet, deciduous trees and some big pine trees along the edge. I grabbed my little 6×8″ pochade box, my watercolors and gouache and my favorite brush, my Rosemary sable blend dagger. It is a joy to paint with that brush. I think I need to do a few more watercolor/gouache paintings soon. This media is a blast to work with. I didn’t even care that it was a gray overcast day. The colors out there were so rich and beautiful.

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  1. Look at those muted colors 🙂

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