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Day 15 ~ Triple Header

Day 15 ~ Looking South 3×6 oil. Available.
Day 15 ~ Receding Tide 6×8 oil. Available.
Day 15 ~ Rose Gold Moment 4×8 oil. Available.

It’s Friday! It was warm today 40 degrees with sun & clouds. At 3:15 when I hit the marshes the clouds were moving in. The colors were lovely. I set up along the road where I had great views to the east, north and south. I choose this spot because I knew the sky would begin to show some great colors and it would be different in each part of the sky. I was lucky. It happened just as I thought it would. I painted 3 paintings fast. It was great! No geese headed south tonight. All was quiet except for the chirping birds in the bushes. I startled a fox that was walking by and didn’t notice me until he almost bumped into me. He made a noise as he jumped back into the marsh and ran by me. I love painting in the marshes !

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