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Day 16 ~ Knives & Spoons

Day 16 Knives & Spoons 5×7 oil. Available.

On the coast today, it was raining cats & dogs, blowing hard and the sea was raging. Normally I would head out to paint when it like this. It’s perfect surf weather. I’m an experienced plein air surf painter. But I’m thinking about trying different things during this 31 day challenge. So I did something radical—I painted a still life indoors. This is my second one in this series. I stuck to my usual schedule. I don’t take a lot of time to set it up, maybe about 3 minutes, about the amount of time I have when I’m outdoors looking for a scene to paint. I didn’t get to fuss around. I got to it as if the light was going to change in 10 minutes. I picked a 5×7 panel because I had a linen one available and I wanted to try it out. I used all the extra grays on my palette. I kept it to a very limited color gamut. And I painted shapes. It was not nearly as much fun as trying to paint in 45 mph winds with sea salt on your face, your painting, and your palette, but I know I will have plenty more opportunities to do that.

2 thoughts on “Day 16 ~ Knives & Spoons

  1. Mary,
    Thoroughly enjoy not only your paintings, but also your discourse!
    Happy New Year and stay safe.

    1. Jan, Thank you! Its a blast. Happy New Year to you!

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