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Day 17 ~ Sun & Clouds

Day 17 Sun & Clouds 11×14 oil. Available.

A big rain storm was moving out today. The clouds were amazing. I went over to the marsh to watch these great gray mountains of clouds sail out to sea. It was spectacular. There was so much to choose from it wasn’t easy to pick a spot to set up. I wanted a location where I could choose from the different lighting situations as the sun went down. I picked a location on a curve in the road with a clear view of the south & west and if I turned around I could see easily see the north and east through the thicket of brush. It was a good choice. Everything was changing non stop and rapidly. The cloud formations changed shapes as they swept through. The light on the clouds moved. The color of the light changed. The sun moved. The shadows and light on the marsh kept moving. I was painting looking into the light so I was blinded periodically by full sun in my face. I picked up the biggest panel I could find in my car. It was 11×14. It was still way too small for the vast expanse I was looking at. The size I really wanted was a 30 x 48 ! It was fabulous. I blocked in the 11×14. Then I turned around and saw the light on the clouds behind me and the last light hitting the edge of the marsh. I immediately painted a 6×8 picture of that scene. Then it was all gone. The sun set. Dusk settled in and a whole bunch of new scenes begged to be painted. That’s the story of plein air painting . It’s all about catching and painting those moments of glory when you just happen to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

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