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Day 18 ~ Toward Evening

Day 18 Toward Evening 5×8 oil. Available.
Day 18 Evening 2×8 oil. Available.

Tonight was a surprise. I had a long workday up loading teaching videos to my website and was still in the thick of it at 4 pm. That’s just about the time I noticed the sky clearing in the west and north. A few minutes later Marcus popped up at the studio door to see if I was going out to paint. I decided to stop what I was doing and go out immediately. I tossed my paints into the back of the car, grabbed my warm clothes and we set out for the nearby marsh. I couldn’t believe how much the day had changed since I went to work in the studio at noon. It was now gorgeous. I knew I was too late to catch the first stages of the sunset extravaganza. But I was on time to get the last bits of lingering color and the lovely deep mauve at dusk. I wasted no time. I started painting minutes after landing on location. I tried something new. I sketched the whole thing with a small brush and continued to paint with small and medium sized brushes. I really like the effect. It was like sketching with a paint brush. I’m going to try this again. It was great fun!

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