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Day 19 ~ View from Above

Day 19 View from Above 11×14 oil. Available.

It was sunny with thin clouds today. When I arrived at the marsh at 3:30pm big gray clouds were moving in from the north and west. There was blue sky over the ocean and to the south. I set up on the top of a steep hill above the marsh. It was high tide. The view down across the the marsh was amazing. Because I was up above the marsh I could see all the brooks and rivers that flow into the marsh. There are so many water ways that you can’t see when you are standing down in the marsh. As I painted the view the clouds moved in and the sun set. The sky out over the ocean turned a tangerine yellow . The violet gray clouds were a nice complement. As a I packed up my paints It began to get dark. A street light went on and the houses near by lit up. In the woods a short distance away I could hear the non stop yowling and howling that I heard last night for the first time. I think its a pack of coyotes making a ruckus.

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