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Day 20 ~ White Pines

Day 20 White Pines 5×7 watercolor & gouache. Available.

All day we had sun and clouds with a chilly wind. I was short on time today as I teach a class in the evening, so I stayed home and painted the view of the white pines on the edge of the field. The best view is from my deck so that’s where I stayed. I could probably paint this view a hundred times, in every light and season. It’s my “hay bales” motif. I really like painting with a combo of watercolor and gouache. And I especially like painting with my dagger brush. I would paint more often with water color and gouache but they take so long to dry. Oil just lets you keep painting wet into wet. I can paint faster with oil as I never have to wait for any color to set up. Great clouds today . Somebody was getting snow showers somewhere to the north and west.

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