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Day 21 ~ Fresh Snow

Day 21 Fresh Snow 5×7 oil. Available.

We had a snow squall last night. In 20 minutes everything went white. It was lovely. I was in the studio teaching a class when this happened. I’m glad I wasn’t out driving in it. Today there was a nice frosting of white on everything. And it snowed on and off all afternoon. I was catching up on lots of organizing in the studio today so I stayed close to home to paint. At 4:15pm I moved my easel outside into the back yard. Before it got too dark, I quickly painted a view of the neighborhood across the field. As it got dark my easel light was still packed away in the car. I said I’m not going to stop and go get it. I had the glow of the Christmas lights on my studio to help see. It was great! It was quiet, and there was no wind. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a big moth fly by while I was painting. I thought it was a bit cold for an insect. It was a big fluffy snow flake. It was magical.

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