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Day 22 ~ Big Sky

Day 22 Big Sky I 5×8 oil. Available.
Day 22 Big Sky II 6×8 oil. Available.

I was out in the marsh late this afternoon. It was awesome! Huge snow clouds rolled in. It was warm, just above freezing and the wind was light. A front was moving through. After the wispy cirrus clouds this morning the edge of colder air began to head toward the coast this afternoon. Along with it came all these great clouds. I knew immediately I wanted to paint clouds, there were so many interesting cloud scapes with all kinds of colors and bits of sky. I painted 2 quick ones before it got dark. Today is the last warm day until midweek next week. I’m not complaining. It’s been a very mild January, with only a little snow. This is fine with me , when there’s lots of snow I can’t easily find places to park when I go out painting. I’ll enjoy it till February comes !

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