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Day 23 The Garden Shed

Day 23 The Garden Shed 5×7 watercolor & gouache. NFS.

Today I decided to mix it up a little bit. This morning I thought about painting an interior scene or a view from my window. I ended up choosing a window view. This is the what it looks like out one of my kitchen windows. I was going to sketch it with ink. Then I spotted a sketchbook with brown paper in my studio so I picked that up and brought it into the house. I decide to use my gouache & watercolor combo. I painted with my sketchbook resting on the kitchen counter while I looked out the window. The sun and shadows were moving very fast. The brown tinted sketchbook paper was very different from the watercolor paper I used a few days ago for my gouache painting. This paper has a very smooth surface and can’t take tolerate much water. I couldn’t make a light transparent wash of color on it. It would buckle and ripple. The the brown color of the paper came through. I had to use thicker paint and add plenty of white for the lighter colors. Next time I might only paint with straight gouache on this paper. We will see. I need to experiment to find out the best media for this substrate.

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