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Day 24 ~ Late Shadows

Day 24 Late Shadows 5×7 watercolor & gouache. Available.

Today I decided I needed to do some sketching. I started looking through my sketchbooks looking at my recent sketches. I remembered some sketches I saw yesterday by a french artist who paints with direct watercolor and is really relaxed in her style. I looked out the window at the back field. There were light beams running across the yellow grasses. I went and grabbed a large flat water brush. I didn’t draw anything I just started spontaneously putting in large areas of color. I kept my palette limited to 4 colors. I used a piece of watercolor paper I had in my little pochade box. It was very funky. The paper immediately pilled and the surface started to peel off. I grabbed a paper towel and scrubbed off the shredding pieces of paper. I next pulled out a brand new brush I hadn’t used yet, a large, soft, sable blend dagger . Because it’s so soft I thought it might not shred the paper. It worked like a charm! I was able to load the brush with water & paint and just let it rip. What fun! I painted the whole painting wet into wet with watercolor and gouache. I was able to maintain the loose, spontaneous feeling and get a nice variety of shapes and edges. I think I will try some of these quick paintings on different kinds of paper to see how they work. It certainly is a lot of fun to paint loosely with watercolor and gouache.

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