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Day 25 ~ Frozen Creek

Day 25 Frozen Creek 5×7 oil. Available.
Day 25 Gentle Evening 3×5 oil. Available.

It was 37 degrees when the sun set. Shortly after the sun went down it dropped to 29. The colors were lovely. The moon was over head. The lights in the houses and streets all along the edge of the marsh went on. They twinkled and glowed across the miles. There were no clouds in the sky except at the very edge of the horizon. I love the vast empty sky as it stretches up over head. The stars began to come out. Six geese flew south this evening. Not like a few days ago when there were a at least a hundred in the large V that went south after sunset. Maybe these were trying to catch up with them. I can’t figure out why they are still heading south in the middle of winter. It’s something that I need to check out. I love going out every day to paint. It’s really magical. After the chill we had over the past few days it felt noticeably colder today. The paint was acting very stubborn today, a little like concrete. It usually doesn’t act like that unless it below 20. For the first time ever I had a small brush freeze into a stiff little concrete stick. After a few dunks in mineral spirits and rubbing the paint out with a paper towel it was back to normal. I still haven’t had to wear my Iditarod tundra gear, maybe this weekend. It promises to be colder than this past one. We shall see.

4 thoughts on “Day 25 ~ Frozen Creek

  1. Hi, Mary, I love your painting emails and videos. About the geese: there are plenty of Canada geese that stay around the coast of Maine all winter. In my area, they go back and forth to the golf course (!) in the day time, back to the salt water in the evening. I bet the geese you’re seeing are only returning to their night-time spot when you see them each day.

    1. Thank you Sukie!

  2. I have been following your paintings this month here in Mexico. Thankfully, it is not as cold here (tho the temperature here plummeted below 70 degrees for much of the month).

    I continue to look at the paintings I did this summer in your workshop, and realize how much I learned.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Lucky you! The sixties isn’t so bad. Glad you got it and it’s sticking!

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