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Day 26 ~ Before the Snow

Day 26 Before the Snow 6×8 oil. Available.

Today started off sunny and bright with not a cloud in the sky. There was a perfect bright blue sky at 8 am. The next time I looked out the window at 2 pm, it was completely overcast with the sun glowing through a milky cloud bank. I checked the weather. Snow is coming tonight. I went over to the marsh and set up my easel at 4 pm. It was completely gray except to the north where there were still clear skies. It was absolute low tide. There were bits of snow and ice on the grass edges and on the sand in the channel. I decided to paint the view of the creek to the north. Everything was in shades of lavender and ocher with the sky glowing in shades of gold. It was quiet. Behind me to the southwest the clouds got thicker and darker. I painted fast, the colors of the marsh stayed consistent while the sky to the west turned pink for about 3 min as the sun set. A damp chill set in. I was cleaning my palette when a strong, cold wind suddenly started blowing out of the north. Wild. Why was it blowing from the north? The storm was coming in from the south west. Of course it’s probably only me and fishermen heading back into port who would even notice this wind.

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