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Day 27 ~ The House Next Door

Day 27 The House Next Door 5.25 x8, ink, watercolor, gouache. Sketchbook. NFS

Today I had a big “to do list” filled with lots of tasks. There was no wiggle room to drive anywhere to paint or sketch. By mid afternoon I was running out of time and my class was starting soon. I picked up my sketchbook, went to the window and started sketching the view with an ink pen. Then I pulled out my gouache & watercolor kit and painted in the scene quickly. It was a very gray day. Just bits of snow were left over from last night’s snowfall. It wasn’t dark enough for the lights to come on and the sunset hadn’t started yet. Snow started to fall in tiny fine flakes. I finished the last quick strokes of muted color. Yes, it looked like a cloudy, gray winter day. And that is what it was. The thing I love about sketchbooks is they are so mater of fact. Anything works in them. Just put it in and leave it. It’s about recording the moment, whatever that moment is, it’s just authentic, simple and matter of fact. Later, in another place and time when I look at this page I will remember this winter day.

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