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Day 28 ~ Snow

Day 28 ~ Snow 7×5 oil. Available.

It was snowing all day. It was light and fluffy, a dreamy kind of snow. It fell gently and drifted lazily from the sky hour after hour. It didn’t amount to much, only a few inches. It was a coastal weather event. It made everything look picture perfect. I went out to the marsh early, hoping to find snow frosting the marsh. No chance, it was too warm, in the low 30’s, so the salt air and water was dissolving the fresh snow as it fell in the marsh. Little drifts of snow were piling up along the edge of the marsh grass along the road. I headed over to the large grassy area near the harbor. There the snow was piling up in the paths and meadows to the edge of the tree line. It was lovely. A wind started to blow out of the north. I set up my easel inside the back of the car so my palette wouldn’t fill with blowing snow. The clouds were rolling through and breaking up. Just then the sun peeked out from behind the gray clouds . I looked up. Directly overhead I could see bits of blue sky. The gray weather was starting to break up. I finished my painting and headed home before the cold air set in.

4 thoughts on “Day 28 ~ Snow

  1. very nice!!!

    1. Thank you !

  2. Another beauty, Mary! It’s so refreshing to see your work. You are such an artistic force!

    1. Thank you Darrell! I’d say you are a force yourself. When will we paint together again?

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