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Day 29 ~ Snow & Ice

Day 29 ~ Snow & Ice 6×8 oil. Available.

Nothing was melting today. Even when the clouds cleared and the sun came out this afternoon, it did not warm up. It was 21 with a steady wind blowing when I set up my easel. Wind chill was 10. My paint didn’t like these cold temps at all. It was so stiff I had to thin it with mineral spirits to get it to work. It stuck to the brush like chunks of stiff glue. I knew as soon as I got out of the car I didn’t have much time. It was 4 pm and the sun would be gone in 45 min. Long shadows stretched across the marsh. The sunlit snow would be gone if I didn’t move fast. It was a race. It was gorgeous. Snow and ice in the marsh channels are a fleeting phenomena. It has to be very cold for salt water to freeze. The vivid blue and green colors in the ice and snow are amazing. It looks like we are promised a couple more days of cold weather. I might be lucky enough to paint the frozen marsh again with some sunshine on it !

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