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Day 30 ~ Winter Path

Day 30 ~ Winter Path 5×7 oil. Available.

Today it was cold. I went to the marsh at 2 pm to paint ice and snow on the inlets. It was high tide and the marsh was mostly underwater. The snow and ice were nowhere to be seen. I forgot to check the tide when I headed out. I have a tide clock in my kitchen and a tide app on my phone. Did I check either of these? No. It was cold with a wind chill factor so I was going out when the sun was warmest. I thought of painting with gouache in my car but once I got there I just wanted to get outside and breathe the fresh air. I found a nice, sunny protected spot where the wind couldn’t reach me. It actually felt warm and cozy standing in the sun. I almost took off my down jacket. Then I thought, it was better to be too hot for an hour, than to have to stop painting to put on a jacket later. Halfway through the painting the wind started blowing. It was so cold my eyes were tearing up. That was the end of my cozy, warm spot. My paint started to act like glue. The temperature must have dropped below the flow zone. The sun was getting low in the sky. The dense cold was here. It was time to pack up. I jumped into the car and turned the heat on high as I drove home.

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