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Day 31 ~ Almost February

Day 31 ~ Almost February 5×7 Gouache. Available.

Today my focus was to paint with gouache. I realized this 31 day challenge is ending and I didn’t get to try everything that is on my list. I wanted to use this month’s challenge to experiment with more materials and techniques. There were days when I had so many other things going on I was just squeezing in my painting time. Plus, this delivery schedule doesn’t give you much wiggle room when a painting is due at the end of the day. Marcus doesn’t want me to stop. He thinks I should do a 365 day run. Nice idea, especially since I’m in a groove right now. I think I will continue, probably at 4 or 5 paintings a week, and adjust it so I can work on a number of different paintings and show you the process. I really want to include gouache as an indoor and plein air option. I’ve been wanting to paint interiors but don’t want to use oils inside my house. Gouache is the perfect option. I’m organizing a kit that will be my basic gear for painting indoors and out. I love how I can use gouache as if they were oils and they’re dry in minutes! I will share my painting adventures and the results.

All the paintings in this 31 day series are available for purchase at special reduced prices till the end of February. I will mark them sold as they are purchased. Just drop me an email and let me know which one(s) you want and I will send you the special price. All paintings are sold unframed.

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