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Day 4 ~ 31 Paintings 31 Days

Day 4 1.4.2020 Across the Field, oil, 6×6 $185 Special January only. Available.

Today was a big work in the studio day. Sometimes I have to days like this with deadlines. Its a good thing! It was raining or misting off and on all day. No problem!

I carved out 20 painting minutes in my studio schedule and painted the view looking out the back window of my studio. This painting was painted with heat, snacks, drinks and electric lights in a very short amount of time. And I still had a pile of fun! More coming tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Day 4 ~ 31 Paintings 31 Days

  1. So enjoy hearing your musings on this 30 in30 journey. Thanks.
    There are so few birds currently, I have turned on Bach and Telemann concerti in my own studio. Listening there?

  2. Stunning- you always amaze me especially with such speed

    1. Thank you Lisa !

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