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Day 4 ~ Winter Sunset

Day 4 Winter Sunset Oil 6×8. Available.

I set up my easel at 3:45 with half an hour till sunset. The sun was just dropping behind the treeline. The breeze was cold. I moved fast. The light was lingering. It was perfect. It was gorgeous. There are so many paintings in this marsh just waiting for me to paint them. I finished putting in the last strokes as it was getting dark enough that I needed to set up my easel light. I cleaned up and packed my paints as the geese headed over in the last light. There were five V’s of them, there must have been over a couple hundred birds making a racket announcing their arrival. Every night they pass over at the same time. After they disappear to the south it’s all quiet again. The twinkling lights come on once again all across the edge of the marsh.

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