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Day #5 ~ 31 paintings in 31 days

Day # 5 1.5.2020 The Woolen Mill Bell Tower, oil, 5×7, $175. Special price January only. Available.

In the sun it was 33. In the shade with the wind blowing it was 18. My paints were very stiff and got stiffer as the sun set. I got out to paint later today but decided to paint the last light as the wind was picking up and I wasn’t wearing any extra layers or my Iditarod boots. It was another busy day catching up on work and squeezing in a painting at the end of the day. No time to experiment today as I had a meeting to get to after I finished painting.

This is a great project. The take away is I can fit it in and all my first 5 days have been full of work with not a speck of extra time. Again this was 20 -30 min long. A little longer with all the drawing and layout involved but I’m trying to paint loosely, with a light touch. This is David Curtis’ influence. Those Brits know a thing or two. OK see you again tomorrow. Same time same place? Will see.

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