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Day 5 ~ Marsh Snow

Day 5 Marsh Snow Oil 6×8. Available.

It was a joy to be outdoors painting this afternoon. I started painting at 4:00 PM, seventeen minutes before sunset. It was cloudy. Every so often the clouds overhead would thin so I could see warm golden light against blue sky. Down here on the ground it was snowing. Fine flakes were blowing in on a north wind. I set up my small easel inside the back of my station wagon to keep the snow out of my paints. I painted fast while there was enough light to still see the colors. It was in the low 30’s, my paint behaved nicely.

It’s great going out to paint everyday. It’s a nice change of scenery even if the weather doesn’t look perfect. Big fat flakes started to fall rapidly as I packed up my gear. Honking loudly, the geese flew over my head coming in for a landing through a white curtain of falling snow.

Note: The paintings from this January series are available at a special price until February 14th. I will be posting prices on them soon.

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