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Day 8 – 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day #8 1.8.2020 Late Afternoon, 5×7 oil $150 for January only. SOLD.

Today I made a good decision. I was going to go out and paint a nocturne after I finished working in the studio for the day. Around 3:30 I looked out the window and saw these great big clouds sailing across the sky. They were dark and back lit by the sun. I stopped what I was doing and immediately set up my easel. By the time I picked out a panel the sun had moved to another spot . I had the thought oh oh this looks like I might end up painting a sunset. I ended up painting the sunset ! Then I thought I’ll do another painting when it gets dark. Big surprise ! When I looked outside around 5:15 snow was pounding down hard. It was a snow squall ! I guess I did the right thing painting early today. Thank you to everyone who is following my progress on this project! I appreciate your emails & comments.

All the paintings made during this project are selling for special prices only the month of January.

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – 31 Paintings in 31 Days

  1. Dear Mary,
    I love following this process with you !! I appreciate the daily connection. I am unable to attend classes until I return from Florida in April. I am hoping to jump back in then!! Ill be watching this blog and Thanks again!!

    1. Awesome! Have a great time in Florida!

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